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Part of Speech





  1. This term is used online to increase visibility of a post or to elicit responses to something. The original creator of a post or email can either comment or send an additional email saying bump if they feel that their message did not produce the desired effect. The desired effect may be to find an interested buyer for an item or to get a response from members of a student group. This often occurs in online spaces where content is organized roughly chronologically such as a Facebook page or email inbox, because this way a user can bring their post back to the forefront of the page.
  2. Bumping is the action of relieving an active sorority sister from a conversation with a potential new member (PNM) during formal sorority recruitment. Prior to the beginning of formal recruitment, members of a sorority are assigned to bump groups and all members of that group will speak with the same PNMs. In order for the PNMs to speak to a variety of actives and vice versa, the actives will bump each other in order to end one conversation and begin another. The actives take care to make this transition seamless by introducing their sister and informing them of where the conversation left off so that the PNMs view it as a natural transition. This process does not entail physically bumping one another.


  1. This term is widely used in online Northwestern communities such as Northwestern Facebook pages, as well as in emails sent between students. This term is written when bumping something, but can be spoken to describe the action of bumping.
  2. This term is mainly used by members of the Panhellenic Northwestern Greek Life community. It can be both spoken and written.

Example Sentence

  1. I’ve bumped my post three times already but it looks like nobody is interested in buying my vintage overalls.
  2. Martha never bumped me so I spent half an hour talking to the same girl.

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