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Part of Speech


Alternate Forms and Pronunciations

[tʃeɪ pɪn]

  1. Chapin ['chay pihn]
  2. Chapin Humanities Residential College ['chay pihn / hyoo 'man ih teez / re zə 'den chəl / 'kah ləj]
  3. Chapin Hall ['chay pihn / 'hawl]


The humanities themed residential college at Northwestern University. Located at 726 University Place on South Campus, Chapin has about 63 residents, also referred to as Chapinos. Chapin Hall is the Humanities Residential College. It was named for the sister-in-law of Dr. Daniel K. Pearsons, Julia A. Chapin. Dr. Pearson gave $30,000 to fund the construction of the building in 1901.

Example Sentence

I'm going to stop by Chapin tonight.

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