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Part of Speech

Proper Noun


['nit / lab]


The acclaimed Knight Lab builds technological tools to aid in storytelling. The students can help with various responsibilities, and the Knight Lab fellows usually go on to careers at premier technology and media companies. Faculty members try to add new experimental ideas to the lab's repertoire anywhere from finding books to political candidates. The lab has 6 full-time faculty members and contributions from Medill and McCormick. The software that they created includes Timeline, Soundcite, Juxtapose, and StoryMap. [1]

The lab is located just outside Chicago in Northwestern's Evanston campus. It brings together technologists, journalists, designers, educators to do experimentation and exploration. The technology is built to help media publishers, journalists, reporters, editors, and readers. One of the goals is to promote quality storytelling. The work focuses on solving the technology problem first that journalists face. In addition, they host events and workshops to educate people about the technology they are working on. [2]

Example Sentences

1. Great team effort, and with a little help from Knight Lab's JuxtaposeJS... [3]

2. I'm working on a piece about web redesigns for the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, can you DM me your email? [4]


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