Dictionary related…….

“Dictionary related…………” is something new. In working with this class on NeD, WildWords, and what a dictionary is and should be, I am thinking a lot, of course, about dictionaries and all types of things related to them. And I’ll say that I’m LOVING every minute! Of course, I am, right? Anyway, here I’ll document some of these thoughts.   Part of the motivation for adding this blog now was a student’s use of “bucket list” in an online chat we were having about The Rock in this class. I didn’t know the idiom “bucket list”, but thought I could figure it out from the context. But, of course, I had to, well, look it up in a dictionary, actually dictionarieS! What I thought it meant, was not exactly right, but kinda, shorta, close (well, judge for yourselves, see below).  I ended up writing up my findings in a long email to the student and couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of the class. And then I thought I’d to keep track of these, note them as such, and share them with those of you who must be having related thoughts about things related to dictionaries, especially if you are in the NeD class. So here I go.


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