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Part of Speech

noun, adjective

Alternate Forms of Pronunciation

English Orthographic Pronunciation

1. 220 [too twun-ee]

2. RTVF 220 [ar tee vee ef / too twun-ee]


[tu twəni]


  1. n. - An abbreviated version used in reference to the RTVF 220-0: Analyzing Media Texts course.
  2. adj. - Referring to elements of the RTVF 220-0 course.

Example Sentences

  1. Sorry I can't get coffee, I have to go to 220.
  2. Have you done your 220 paper?

Why It's Wild

RTVF 220-0 is an introduction to film and media analysis and is taken by all first-year RTVF majors in fall quarter. Students are taught the basic elements of film and television by analyzing and discussing significant texts and screenings. Some topics that are discussed include film genre, shot composition, mise-en-scene, sound, costume, narrative, etc. This class should not be mistaken for COMM_ST 220-0: Theories of Argumentation or Theatre 220-0: Introduction to Theatre Design, which are also both in the School of Communications.

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