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Part of Speech




2. RTVF 301 [ar tee vee ef / ‘three o ‘wuhn]




Journalism 301: Enterprise Reporting in Diverse Communities, a class that all sophomores in Medill are required to take. The class time is usually set for a 210 minute block, but travel time sometimes means that students are required to leave a little earlier. Students ride the Red Line out to one of the storefronts, either in Ravenswood or Rogers Park. Here, students break up into groups of four and choose a community of people to report on and do several stories throughout the quarter centered around this community. Examples include language communities or communities above a certain income. The class is touted as one of the most difficult classes in Medill because it is so time consuming and because you spend most of the time out on the streets, but most of this is hype, and the majority of the students who have taken the class admitted that it was not as hard as people made it sound beforehand. The class is offered all three quarters, but the fall and spring quarters are much more highly sought after; as a result, sometimes the Medill overhead will randomly assign the class to Medill students who have signed up in the winter quarter.

Example Sentences

I was out all last week doing stuff for 301.


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