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Part of Speech

Noun phrase

Alternate Forms and Spellings

(hashtag) andtransfers


A phrase used mostly during Wildcat Welcome in an effort to include and welcome transfer students as part of the incoming class and Northwestern community. Can also be used sarcastically when a transfer student feels excluded in some way because of their transfer identity.

English Orthographic Pronunciation

[and trans-furs]


[ænd tɹ'ænsfɚz]


This term is most frequently used during Wildcat Welcome by transfers and transfer PAs, but anyone can use it to show support to the transfer community.

Example Sentence

  • We'd like to welcome all the new freshman—

And transfers!

  • Do you remember what show Waa-Mu did freshman year?

Um, hashtag and transfers...

Why It's Wild

This term is wild because it is unique to Northwestern and an effort made specifically by the school and the New Students and Family Programming team to include, involve, and welcome transfers as a genuine part of the Northwestern community.

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