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Do you use "Bachata in context of Latin dance"?
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Do you use "Bachata in context of Latin music genre"?
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This entry is different than the Báchata entry as it does not address the description of Bachata through Blast but in general terms. Bachata is a genre of music but also a dance that has four beats per measure. It can be counted in eighths as well. It requires the dancer to take three steps to the four beats of music followed by an optional hip raise for the forth count usually done by the female dancer. There are different styles to dancing which can involve twists, and spins as well as moving to the beat faster or slower.


It refers to a Latin genre of music as well as dance. Anyone can use it is not restricted.

Example Sentence

Aventura and Prince Royce are my favorite Bachata artists, you just don’t understand.

Note: In order to convey the different interpretations of the word the example sentence uses code switching between Spanish and English.


The first Bachata song was said to be published on May 30th, 1962 by José Manuel Caldéron. [1] It comes from the Dominican Republic which has been influenced by other genres or music such as merengue, salsa, and cumbia. [2] It’s popularity eventually spread to the rest of Latin America and has become a staple of Latino culture.

Here is a video showing the basic steps of Bachata.


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