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Part of Speech



A Meal plan option for Northwestern students that consists of a standardized number of meals per quarter, rather than cyclical and resetting number of meals per week. As such, Block plan allows students to be flexible in terms of their weekly meal intake as well as use their meal Equivalencies for a number of dining options on campus like Norris.

Details of Block Plan

  • 351 meals per year, expiring at the end of the school year
  • 117 meals per quarter
  • Block Plan meals can be used at any of the five resident dining halls or to purchase as Equivalencies, plus 100 WildCat points per quarter/300 WildCat Points ($300.00) annually, for purchases in C-stores, restaurants, and cafes on campus.
  • The Block 351 Meal Plan meals may also be used for guests or additional meals. Since all of the meals and points are distributed at the beginning of the quarter, students on the Block Plan should budget their meals carefully.
  • Both WildCat Points and meals expire at the end of each quarter and do not carry over to the next quarter. All points and meals must be used by the last day of each quarter.
  • WildCat Block Plan Annual Rate: $6,300
  • WildCat Block Plan Quarterly Rate: $2,100[1]


Northwestern students living on-campus, in their second year or more status. Block Plan is not offered to incoming freshmen.

Example Sentence

I can swipe my parents in because I have Block Plan.


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