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CAPS is an abreviation for the "Counseling and Psychological Services" at Northwestern University. CAPS is the primary mental health service on the Evanston and Chicago campuses of Northwestern. [1] In Evanston, CAPS is located in Searle Hall at 633 Emerson Street. In Chicago, it is located in Abbott Hall at 710 N. Lake Shore Drive. [2]

CAPS provides a variety of free services, such as individual counseling, group therapy or connection to other on-campus and off-campus services. [3] Faculty, staff and parents may also consult with CAPS.. [4] Every quarter, CAPS also provides a variety of outreach and educational programs for all Northwestern students. [5]

Current students of Northwestern University whom seek the help of CAPS will receive a personalized care plan that will respond to their specific needs. [6] You may find more on information about CAPS on the Northwestern Student Affairs website.

Example Sentences

CAPS is provides counseling and psychological services to the Northwestern community.


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