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Part of Speech



[see el tee]


CLT stands for Cat's Learn Together. CLTs are small groups that meet once per week to go over class material and answer questions for student athletes. These only apply to specific predetermined classes, usually large introductory lectures. These are required for first year student-athletes who take the classes to which they apply and optional for second, third, and fourth, etc. years. In order to receive a tutor for a class that has a CLT offered, the student-athlete must attend the CLT regularly, and if they still need a tutor they may request one. CLT's are taught by graduate students and tutors. They may count toward Study Hours.

Example Sentence

I can't eat at sarg with you guys tonight, I have a CLT at 7.

Why It's Wild

It is a term created and used for the student-athletes at Northwestern.

PSButtercup (talk) 20:52, 6 June 2020 (UTC)