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Short for "Course and Teacher Evaluation Council," CTECS are the quarterly evaluations of courses, professors, and teaching assistants, performed anonymously by students for each course they took within that quarter. Students can review past CTECS on CAESAR before registering for classes. CTECs are available to read at all times for students, as long the they have completed their own CTECs for the previous quarter. However, CTECs only become available to write over a three-week period, starting one week prior to Reading Week until the Sunday night after finals week. Students are asked to provide feedback on several measures, including quality of instruction, how much was learned during the course, the teaching strengths and weaknesses of the instructors, and a summary of all questions giving a reaction to the course. The answers to numerical ratings of instruction, plus the final summary question, are then available for students to view on CAESAR.

Example Sentence

This class got really good CTECs, so I'm going to add it to my shopping cart.

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