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Compass is a year-long, mentorship program that connects first-year students with upper-class mentors. Mentees meet with mentors one-on-one biweekly and attend weekly workshops and social events to help them successfully navigate the Northwestern experience while also developing strong relationships that will continue throughout their four years and beyond. Students will learn about things like study abroad programs, mental and physical health, identity workshops and more. Peer Mentors are matched with three to four first-year mentees, most of whom come from and/or first-generation and low-income backgrounds.

Example Sentence

  1. I'm meeting with my Compass mentor for lunch later.
  2. At our weekly Compass meeting last week, we got to talk with current professors who come from FGLI backgrounds.

Why It's Wild

Compass is a large program through Student Enrichment Services that serves about 40 students, including mentors, each year. It is an important program that positively influences students each year, and is also a Northwestern specific program.

Related Terms

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