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Part of Speech

Noun, Verb

Alternate Forms and Pronunciation

['dash / 'three]

  1. Dash 3
  2. Dash-3
  3. -3


Abbreviation for the theatre course titled "Production Laboratory 119-3."

Why It's Wild

Dash Three is a required one-quarter course for theatre majors where the student (typically a first year) will work in the costumes, properties, lighting, set, or another department for a production at the Wirtz Center. Students typically work six hours per week to fulfill their course requirement and more hours on the weekends the show is running. It is also used as a verb to refer to the act of serving as a tech crew member. The theatre speech community uses dash three, both written and spoken in informal social contexts on campus.

Example Sentences

A bunch of Dash-3s were gossiping in the costume shop.

Which show are you Dash 3-ing in the Spring?


Based on survey and interview data from 10 Northwestern theatre majors.