Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Part of Speech

Proper Noun

Alternate Forms and Pronunciation

  1. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    [ɪˈlɛktrɪkəl ɛndʒɪˈnɪərɪŋ and kəmˈpjutər ˈsaɪəns]
    [el 'ek trih 'kuhl / 'en jih 'neer iŋ / 'and / kuhm 'peew təʳ / 'si ens]
  2. EECS [iks] ['eeks]


This term is most often used colloquially as EECS by the students and faculty at Northwestern. Not to be confused with McCormick, which is the college within Northwestern itself, EECS is the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department housed within the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.


The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Northwestern is more colloquially known simply as EECS, pronounced as a whole word rather than the acronym letters individually. The department houses some of the most advanced electrical science and computer science workshops in the country, and they are run by some of the finest professors as well. You can enter into classes through being a McCormick Engineer (most often), Weinberg Computer Science Major (less often), or most other majors that have an elective requirement (mostly intro level classes). Find out more about the department, its research, and its faculty here.[1]

Example Sentences

"I've loaded up on 4 EECS courses this quarter!" "Oh, are you an engineer in McCormick?" "Nope, actually I'm a Computer Science major through Weinberg!"


  1. http://eecs.northwestern.edu/