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Part of Speech



['fihlm / 'prawm]


A yearly event organized by URSA. Film prom is an end of the year formal dance that typically takes place on a weeknight in May. For many years film prom took place at Koi, but in 2014 RTVF officially got kicked out. The 2015 prom was held at La Macchina.

Similar to an actual prom, the dance is themed, and there is a film prom court with two male and female representatives from each graduating class. Every year, URSA takes suggestions for themes. Often the selected theme involves a pun with an RTVF student's name or major event in the department. Previous themes have included "Twighlight: New Smoon," "Prom Shimandle," and "The Chynna Ball."


This term is mostly used by RTVF students.

Example Sentence

1. I can't wait for film prom!