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Part of Speech



[fɔr ˈmɛmbərz ˈoʊnli]

['for / 'mem bərs / 'on lee]


For Members Only (FMO) serves as Northwestern University's premier Black Student Alliance. FMO serves to encourage political, social, cultural and intellectual unity and growth first and foremost within Northwestern University's Black community, but also within the broader Northwestern community as well.

Why It's Wild

FMO is the representative and political voice of Northwestern University's Black undergraduate student body. Throughout the year, FMO sponsors a Freshman Mentoring Program, hosts a Spring Concert, Fall Speaker, and various other cultural and community-building events throughout the year! General Meetings are held at The Black House (1914 Sheridan Road).


Although the official name of the organization is "For Members Only," this group is most commonly referred to by its abbreviation: FMO.

Example Sentences

  1. Are you going to the FMO meeting tonight?
  2. I really want one of those For Members Only sweatshirts.


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Liane Thornhill '17 June 2017