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Part of Speech



['fuhn dee]


An abbreviation for "fundraising party", a fundy is a fundraising and/or publicity party to raise money for StuCo shows. People are asked to donate a small sum of money, usually five dollars, at the door to attend.

Who kNUw?

Fundies are also popular within the RTVF community as a way to raise money for upcoming film productions. These parties typically occur one or two weekends before the show opens and are held at an apartment of one of the cast or business team members. These parties are particularly common among underclassmen. However, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, the use of fundies and their popularity among incoming students has dwindled. Fundy is used in both written and spoken informal social contexts on campus.

Example Sentence

Our fundy didn't raise as much money as we hoped, but everybody said they had a good time.


Based on survey and interview data from 10 Northwestern theatre majors. Based on additional survey conducted by 30 NU students.