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Part of Speech



['gahd chah]


"Godcha" is a phrase which origins lead to Northwestern's campus. It can be used in a variety of situations, but mostly arises when a person uses text or teaching from the Bible (see: The Word) to remind a person of his or her convictions, or a silly interjection when the situation is suddenly made spiritual and/or about Jesus.


This slang is predominantly used among Christian groups, and a member outside of the Christian community might seem odd or out of place if not he or she doesn't not understand how other people are using this word first. Within Christian organizations, just under 2/3 have never even heard of this word before, indicating that the pool of people who use this particular slang is a smaller subset. [1]

Example Sentence

I'm so stressed about midterms... Ah, but doesn't Matthew 6 show us God will provide for us? Oh, you're right. It really does. Godcha!!!


  1. Data taken from an informal survey conducted among 96 members of various Christian groups on Northwestern's campus.