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A Simple Example

This is a simple entry for the word "WildWords," and shows the most fundamental elements of an entry:

''Note: this is an example entry layout page, and is not a WildWords Dictionary term''

==Alternative Spellings==

['wild wə<sup>r</sup>dz ]

==Part of Speech==

The official dictionary of Northwestern University related terms, created by LING 363 students. 

==Who kNUw?==
Incoming students of LING 363 are constantly updating WildWords, making it an evolving encyclopedic dictionary.

==Example Sentence==
If you don't know what I mean, go check it out on ''Wildwords''.

==Usage Poll==

This WildWords page shows what the exact above markup looks like when made into an actual page.

Note: The usage poll should always be the first part of the entry. To insert the usage poll, simply copy the exact markup from the above example, but substitute your entry word where the word “WildWords” is in the example.

Note: A pronunciation sound clip should be entered by recording your pronunciation on the SoundCloud website, and then inserting the URL of that pronunciation clip into the entry using the above markup.

Note: Synonymous terms should all automatically redirect to the most dominant or most commonly used form. If all forms are used equally, they should all redirect to the most expanded form. To create a redirect page, simply create a page with the title of the alternate form, then add the markup for redirecting, with the title of the page you are redirecting to. There should be nothing on this page but the following markup:

Note: Homophonous forms should appear in separate entries, distinguished in the title by a short description in parenthesis. A note should appear at the top of each entry with a link to the other form(s). For example, “The Rock Show” has two separate meanings. These entries share the same spelling and pronunciation yet different meanings, so they are homophonous. One is titled “The Rock Show (WNUR)” while the other is “The Rock Show (Theatre).” At the top of the entry for “The Rock Show (WNUR),” there is a note that says, “for The Rock Show (Theatre), click here” with a link to the other entry.

#REDIRECT [[Title of dominant or expanded form page]]

Optional Headings

Any headings beyond the essential entry elements should be added after the Example Sentences heading and before the References heading. This can include:

==Related Terms==

==External Links==



To insert a citation in the text, use the following markup:

Example page text. <ref> [], more text.</ref>

To display the citation in the footnotes, add the following markup to the "References" section:

<references / >

Interwiki Links

Interwiki links should be inserted wherever necessary using bracket wikimarkup.

[[Name of WIldWords page]]

Images and Videos

Images and videos that assist in defining the NeD entry should be right aligned using the following wikimarkup. Formatting works best if the wikimarkup for these elements is entered onto the edit page before any text information.

Images can be uploaded as a file with a caption using the wikimarkup brackets

[[File:Lakefill.jpg|thumb|Rocks at the Lakefill]]


<div class="thumb tright">
<gallery>Chi_Alpha_Logo_2006.jpg |Chi Alpha Logo</gallery>

Videos can be embedded from Youtube and then linked using wikimarkup