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Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College, called simply Jones, is a student residence at Northwestern University. Its theme includes all the performing arts, including acting, singing, and dancing. As such, this dorm also includes a performance space, called the Great Room. Jones holds up to 118 students, known as Jonesians. The dorm is located at 1820 Sheridan Road on Northwestern's South Campus.

Example Sentence

If you live in Jones, chances are you will be seeing a show tonight.

Who kNUw?

The Great Room is a communal space in Jones and has been used as a social event space, performance venue, and more. In 1987, Lookingglass Theatre Company (founded by Northwestern Alumni) produced its first production at the Great Room. During the 2019-2020 school year, Jones was used as freshman overflow housing and earned the reputation as "the party dorm of the South [Area]."



Interviews with former residents of Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College