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Part of Speech

Noun (Abbreviation)


['em kat]


The MCAT (abbreviation for the Medical College Admissions Test) is a standardized, computerized, multiple choice exam taken by those (typically students) who wish to attend medical school. Nearly all US medical schools require students to submit MCAT scores in order to be considered for admission (one exception, though, is students in specialized programs such as the HPME program at Northwestern).

For those seeking additional information, such as the history of the MCAT, a more comprehensive guide may be found on Wikipedia's MCAT page.


The new version of the MCAT that was launched in 2015 includes sections on Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Psychology and Sociology, and Verbal Reasoning. Examinees are highly advised to have a strong background in each of these subjects prior to taking the MCAT, as the AAMC is able to see every score from every MCAT attempt. The current MCAT runs for 7 hours and 30 minutes, whereas the previous MCAT ran for 5 hours and 10 minutes. The new scale centers around a score of 500, ranging from 472 to 528

The MCAT was previously structured in only three sections, which assessed the examinee’s knowledge and critical reasoning in Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning. The old scale extended from a score of 3 to 45. [1]

Example Sentence

I'm taking the MCAT in two months, so I will be studying every night from now until then.


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