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Part of Speech



['meeul / 'plan]


1. At Northwestern University, all University housing residents must have a meal plan while living on campus. Although there are various meal plans to choose from, incoming students (freshmen and transfers) who have electronically signed their University Housing & Food Service Contracts are automatically assigned the WildCat Weekly 14 meal plan.

Policies and Procedures

  • Students may stay in a dining hall throughout an entire meal period. However, one may not leave and re-enter that or any other dining hall during the same meal period except under the Unlimited meal plan.
  • A "meal" is designated by each time a student uses his/her Wildcard to enter the dining hall.
  • Cash and Credit Card purchases are charged taxes for students, faculty, staff and guests.[1]

Meal Plan Options

There are five meal periods offered in the dining halls:

  1. Breakfast and Lunch are offered Monday through Saturday.
  2. Dinner is offered everyday.
  3. Brunch is offered only on Sunday.
  4. Late-Night is offered Monday through Thursday at Foster-Walker, Hinman, and Sargent Halls.

Change Your Meal Plan

Students may only change their meal plans once each quarter. When changing a meal plan, please note:

“...there may be changes that occur in the billing of your meal plan when charges are prorated. Charges are prorated differently for each type of meal plan. For this reason, changing from one type of meal plan to another, despite the same quarterly/yearly price, may result in additional charges.”

Meal Contracts

Arrangements for meal contracts are made with: Food Service Office Evanston Campus 600 Haven, Room J147 Evanston, Illinois 60201

•Phone: 847-491-2020 •Email:

Regular Door Prices

Fall 2016 Rates With WildCard Without WildCard
Breakfast $7.75 $8.30
Brunch $12.15 $12.70
Lunch $9.95 $10.50
Dinner $12.15 $12.70
Late Night $8.95 $9.40


Northwestern students living on-campus

Example Sentence

Block Plan is totally the best meal plan on campus.

Why It's Wild

Though the concept of meal plans exist almost universally for college campuses with on-campus housing, the term is specific to the Northwestern context in that meal plans are so widely used. Beginning in the 2017/2018 school year, Northwestern has made mandatory 2 years of on-campus living for all incoming students. Thus, the usage of meal plan is to be made more prevalent in Northwestern student's daily vernacular.


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