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Part of Speech

Proper Noun


[muh ‘dihl / ‘ahn / thuh / ‘hihl]


Medill on the Hill is the name of the program for undergraduates who do enterprise reporting and web producing from Washington D.C. Sometimes the students' stories are picked up by USA Today and CNN, among other outlets. The work is supervised by Medill Prof. Ellen Shearer, who is the William F. Thomas Professor of Journalism and co-director of the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative, and Medill Adjunct Lecturer Thomas Diemer. The target audience is people aged 18-24, and the students aim to show how and why what happens in Washington matters to a young audience as mobile journalists. [1]

Example Sentences

1. Reporters at Medill on the Hill have now been reporting for more than two months. [2]

2. Did your invitation to the State of the Union got lost in the mail? Medill on the Hill has you covered. [3]


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