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Part of Speech

Noun, Adjective




  1. (noun) One who has dropped a bid at a fraternity, but has not been fully initiated and does not have official "brother" status. This is used as an official title at some fraternities; at others it may only be used in a pejorative context.
  2. (adjective) A "familial" relationship within Greek life. Examples include pledge mom/dad which is a mentor to either a pledge or member of a sorority that has yet to initiate as well as pledge husband/wife which are members of a fraternity and sorority that are friends and have decided to get pledge married. Pledge family is the term used to describe a group of individuals that are "related" in a greek life context.

Related Terms

Example Sentences

  1. Yeah, we got a good new group of pledges this quarter.
  2. My pledge mom is the best!