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Part of speech

Noun (pl)




  1. A responsibility of RAs to walk around the buildings in their neighborhood to make sure residents are safe and are following rules. Rounds are typically made by two RAs together, both wearing purple vests.
  2. The tour of outside the fraternity houses by IFC officials looking for signs of violation of policy.

Typical Nights that Rounds (def 2) Occur:

Thursday Friday Saturday
always sometimes always


Anyone can use this term, though it is mostly used by students in on-campus housing or Greek life.

Example sentences

  1. I saw Jack in his vest, so he must be doing rounds tonight.
  2. Keep it quiet; they’re doing rounds right now.

Related terms

Why It's Wild

This word is wild because it is common among the Northwestern speech community, and while WildWords recognizes that although this term can be found at most universities, not every student will have heard it before attending Northwestern.