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[stu 'dent / puh ble 'kay shans]


Medill supports a great number of student organizations and publications. These organizations and publications range from specific cultural groups to specific topics. Many students discover publications they would like to enjoy through organization fairs at the beginning of the year. Some publications win awards while others, like the culinary Spoon, are adopted at college campuses across the country. [1].

List of Student Publications

  1. Al Bayan
  2. Asian American Student Journalists
  3. BlackBoard
  4. The Daily Northwestern
  5. Inside NU
  6. National Association of Black Journalists
  7. National Association of Hispanic Journalists
  8. North by Northwestern
  9. Northwestern Business Review
  10. The Northwestern Chronicle
  11. Northwestern News Network
  12. NU Asian Magazine
  13. SlantNU
  14. Spoon University
  15. Stitch
  16. Syllabus
  17. WNUR

Example Sentence

The best part about Medill is all of the opportunities to be involved in student publications.


  1. Student Media and Organizations