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Example sentences

I think that there should either be some explanation or a separate entry for Anna Karenina to explain this reference. I'm pretty certain (99% certain) that this is a reference to the fact that in fall quarters, when the NU football season is still on, on average 500 students are taking Professor Gary Saul Morson's SLAVIC 210-2 Introduction to Russian Literature course on the meaning of life where they read Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (and also Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov). This professor and this class are one of the most popular ones at Northwestern which explains this example sentence for this particular entry. If a separate entry, I'd probably make one for Anna Karenina, but have the entry be about the SLAVIC 210-2 class and Professor Morson, with an outside reference perhaps to the novel and Tolstoy. Meem33 (talk)

  • I agree with the above comment. Also, there should be 2 example sentences, one for each definition. Rita (talk)


  • This page needs a usage section. Rita (talk)