The WildWords Project:2017 Edition

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While the Spring 2017 class touched a variety of corners of campus, the members did not encompass the entire Northwestern speech community. Students brought a variety of perspectives and backgrounds such as international students, transfer students, some involved with Greek life, others interested in theater and others involved in music/the marching band. Their majors varied and all students identified as female. Topics that were discussed frequently included: editing and/or deleting entries, the ethics surrounding editing/deleting entries, and what creating/editing/deleting entries entails; refining the purpose of WildWords; and discussing how to define the “Northwestern speech community”.

Here's what's new:

  • Conferrals
  • Dash Three
  • Delibs
  • The Dolphin Show
  • FBR
  • Fundy
  • Generals
  • ILC
  • Liftnbop
  • PARS
  • Persian American Representatives of Students
  • Pref Sheet
  • Prod Meeting
  • Shanley
  • Space
  • StuCo
  • Syntax Club
  • Waa-Mu
  • Wirtz Center