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Part of Speech

Proper Noun


  1. Weinberg ['win bəʳg]
  2. WCAS [‘duh bəl yoo / ‘see / ‘ay / ‘es]


Officially know as the Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and formally often referred to as the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences [1], conventionally called Weinberg or WCAS, it is Northwestern's resident liberal arts college, offering over 45 different majors in 25 departments and 28 academic programs across the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. Out of Northwestern's six undergraduate schools, Weinberg is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive. Weinberg is also the only school within Northwestern to observe Reading Week.

College Requirements

  • Writing proficiency—may be fulfilled in a variety of ways by graduation.
  • Foreign language proficiency—the equivalent of two years of college instruction.
  • First-year (formerly Freshman) seminars—two seminars, one in the fall quarter and another in the winter or spring quarter.
  • Distribution requirements—two courses in each of six areas: natural sciences; formal studies (e.g., math, logic); social and behavioral sciences; historical studies; ethics and values (e.g., philosophy, religion); literature and fine arts.
  • At least one major chosen from over 45 disciplinary and interdisciplinary options.
  • 45 credits minimum to graduate [2]


Example Sentence

I'm a dual degree in Bienen and Weinberg

Related Terms

Reading Week, Distro


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