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Part of Speech



[ ˈfigly ]


FGLI is a popular acronym/abbreviation that stands for first generation and/or low-income, referring to student status. Student Enrichment Services specifically serves these groups as the number of FGLI students at Northwestern grows each year. Generally, first-generation applies to students whose parents did not receive a college education and low-income refers to students who are eligible for pell grants. SES Director Kourtney Cockrell helped create this term and then helped to create the FGLI Consortium in 2017 which is now a national organization that leads the conversation on leadership, expertise and resources around the experience of FGLI college students at highly selective universities and colleges. SES also uses this term to highlight the shared solidarity of experience among students who fall into either or both of these categories. Northwestern's "I'm First!" Campaign aims to celebrate FGLI students at Northwestern.

Alternate Spellings

  1. First Generation/Low-Income

Example Sentence

  1. Since I'm a FGLI student, I got a special I'm First t-shirt last week!
  2. I joined Compass so that I can be around other FGLI students every week and have a FGLI mentor as well.

Why It's Wild

Though the term FGLI has been adopted on other campuses, it is both used widely on Northwestern's campus and also created by two staff members in the SES office which is why it is wild.

Related Terms

  1. Student Enrichment Services
  2. Compass


SES Website the definition of FGLI