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Part of Speech

Noun (abbreviation)


['jay / 'ahr]


Abbreviation for “Journalism Residency,” a program that most Medill students must complete in order to get a degree. Many students work in another major city for their program, which lasts for one quarter during junior or senior year. Depending on what tract the student choose, they have variety of options for residencies through Medill. Students may also ask permission to participate in programs of their own creation if there is an option that Medill does not offer.

The programs are essentially an internship in the area of study that the student chooses to pursue. Students get units of credit while also getting valuable job experience. Students may choose to go abroad or stay in the U.S. Medill also has a special program in Washington D.C. called Medill on the Hill for students who are interested in political journalism.

Before leaving, students must take three classes in order to prepare them for their residency. The programs are different for each tract and are usually completed a few quarters before the student is meant to leave. The classes are assigned to students and cannot be taken at other times.

Example Sentence

I’m going to Johannesburg for my JR.

My JR site gave me an offer for future employment.

External Links

Medill Journalism Residency webpage: http://www.medill.northwestern.edu/career-services/offering/journalism-residency.html