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Part of Speech

Proper Noun


[pʊʃ ɑn]

[push / ahn]


Push On is Northwestern University's secondary fight song. It is performed by the Northwestern University Marching Band (NUMB) during their pregame performance at each home football game. It is also played at two points during football games:

  1. When the opposing team scores, Push On is played in its entirety
  2. When the Wildcats get a first down, the ending tag of Push On is played


The lyrics to Push On are:[1]

Rise Northwestern,
We'll Always Stand By You,
Go Northwestern, We Will Ever Cheer and Sing
For You to Win Northwestern,
Our Hearts Will Ever Yearn
For the Purple Banner Waving High for

Audio Clip

Video Clip

Push On begins at the 2:19 timestamp.


Push On is usually referred to by its full name, though its usage is typically limited to students and faculty who are affiliated with NUMB. This song is not widely known by other members of the Northwestern community.

Alternate Usages

  1. "Push On" is the name of a CD produced by NUMB in 2006.[2]
  2. The Push On Fund is the name of a funding source established by the NUMBAlums to support the band.[3]
  3. The phrase "push on" is used by members of NUMB to refer to difficult situations where they must persevere (including the line in the dining hall during band camp).

Example Sentences

  1. We play the second ending of Push On when we get a first down.
  2. There's a "go 'cats" at the end of Push On.
  3. (at Sargent) Push on band, I want to get a good table.

Related Terms


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