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Part of Speech



[ɡoʊ kæts]

[go kats]


A phrase used by students and members of the athletic department at Northwestern. Since the school's mascot is the wildcat, it is often abbreviated to 'Cats. The whole phrase "go 'cats" is used as a hashtag on social media[1] and as a saying among students in general. It is also used by the athletic department as a whole, including coaches like Pat Fitzgerald, who used the saying as confirmation of his commitment to Northwestern Football[2].


The phrase "go 'cats" can be used in both positive and negative contexts and both in relation to sports and not. In the negative case, it is used ironically to emphasize how bad or unfortunate something is.

It is also shouted at the end of the secondary fight song, Push On.

Example Sentences

  1. We made it to the B1G championship, go 'cats!
  2. The average on my midterm was a 60, go 'cats.

Related Terms


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  2. [2], Inside NU

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