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Welcome! Whether you are a new Northwestern student or visiting the Medill School of Journalism, Media and Marketing Communications for just a bit, this page is intended to introduce you to language specific to the Medill speech community. Different from category pages, this starter pack will brief you on the essentials. Each term will include its definition and pronunciation, but feel free to click on the word to learn more! If you have any suggestions, please use the "Request for Entries" form on the left sidebar.

Medill F

Noun | [muh 'dihl / 'ef]

The failing grade a student of the Medill School of Journalism gets if they make a grammatical, factual, or citational mistake.


Noun (abbreviation) | ['jay / 'ahr]

Abbreviation for “Journalism Residency,” a program that most Medill students must complete in order to get a degree. Many students work in a different city at professional news outlets and marketing companies for their program. It lasts for one quarter during junior or senior year.


Proper Noun | [mihk 'trihb]

A nickname for the McCormick Foundation Center, also known as the McCormick Tribune Center. It is a building located at 1870 Campus Drive on Northwestern's South Campus and is used primarily by Medill and IMC students and classes. It contains broadcast, multimedia, and new media facilities [1].


Proper Noun (abbreviation) | ['o / 'es/ 'el/]

The abbreviation for the Medill Office of Student Life. OSL hosts qualified advisors. The OSL team is in charge of student life from extra-curriculars to academic options.

Career Services

Proper Noun | ['ka reer / 'ser vis es]

The Medill school has its own career services department for helping undergraduate, graduate, and alumni with career-related issues. It is located on the first floor of Fisk Hall.


Noun | ['i / 'em / 'see]

IMC is an abbreviation for Integrated Marketing Communications, an adjunct Medill program. It is a certificate program for undergraduates and a Master's degree for Graduate students.


Proper Noun (abbreviation) | ['amp]

Medill seniors can have the first four units of journalism methods waived in the journalism master's program here at Northwestern.


Proper Noun (abbreviation) | [em/ ‘jay / ‘pee]

The esteemed investigative journalism group at Medill was founded in 1999. It investigates possible miscarriages of justice.

Medill on the Hill

Proper Noun | [muh ‘dihl / ‘ahn / thuh / ‘hihl]

Medill on the Hill is the name of the program for undergraduates who do enterprise reporting and web producing from Washington D.C. Sometimes the students' stories are picked up by USA Today and CNN, among other outlets.

Student Publications

Noun / [stu 'dent / puh ble 'kay shans]

Medill supports a great number of student organizations and publications. These organizations and publications range from specific cultural groups to specific topics.


  1. McCormick Foundation Center information on Northwestern's Website.