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Do you use "Residential College Board"?
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Part of Speech

Noun, Abbreviation

Alternate Forms and Pronunciation

  1. ['rez ih 'den shəl / 'kah lihj / borrd]
  2. ['ahr / 'see / 'bee]


Usually shortened to the acronym RCB, the governing body of all of the residential colleges, which includes 11 student residences on Northwestern campus. The goal of the RCB is to promote a closer learning community between all residents of the residential college board.

RCB Positions

  • President
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Vice President of Public Relations
  • Vice President of Philantropic Affiars
  • Vice President of Financial Affairs
  • Vice President of Inter-College Relations
  • Vice President of Social Affairs

Residential Colleges

Click here to view a map of the Residential Colleges at Northwestern.

College Theme Location Number of Residents
Thomas G. Ayers College of Commerce and Industry (Ayers CCI) Business and Industry 2324 Campus Drive, North Campus 164
Communications Residential College (CRC) Media and Broadcast Production 1855 Sheridan Road, South Campus 107
College of Cultural and Community Studies (CCS) Urban Communities and Diviersity in Chicago 2303 Sheridan Road, North Campus 39
Humanities Chapin Residential College Humanities 726 University Place, South Campus 66
International Studies Residential College (ISRC) International Studies 1861 Sheridan Road, South Campus 100
Wayne V. and Elizabeth R. Jones Fine and Performing Arts College Performing Arts 1820 Sheridan Road, South Campus 118
Public Affairs Residential College (PARC) Volunteer and Community Involvement 1838 Chicago Avenue, South Campus 113
Shepard Residential College Multidisciplinary 626 University Place, South Campus 180
Slivka College of Science and Engineering Science and Engineering 2332 Campus Drive, North Campus 140
Willard Residential College Multi-thematic 1865 Sherman Avenue, South Campus 292
Women's Residential College (WRC/Hobart) Multidsciplinary, Women only 630 Emerson Street, South Campus 50


Used by student residents of the residential college system, and faculty involved with this community.

Example Sentence

I will bring that up at the RCB meeting.